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getting your book printing content in order

1. Get your content in order. In a later section we will cover sending through word documents for quoting and typesetting. Because no two people look at Microsoft Word in the same way, before we can quote any type-setting or book printing project, we’ll need to accurately establish how many of our pages your word document pages will occupy. For Example. 100 Pages at A4 size in a Microdoft Word document could occupy 100 pages at A5 or 6” x 9” depending on the line spacing in your original word document and the leading (line spacing) you would like in your finished book.

This means if you do not have a press-ready file, and would like us to make your book text file for you, then we would need you to send us your word document first so that we can quote how many pages your proposed book might be.

Should I format the word document to how I want my book to look? Yes, that's a great idea. Even though we are taking the text from your Word document and importanting it into a design program, we can still bring your formartting over into the design program so that you can keep the fonts and indentations that you've worked so hard to create.

Doing in yourself

The alternative is doing it yourself, and while not recommended, it is entirely possible for you to save your word document as a PDF and for us to print that PDF file into a book. Its important to note in these situations that Barbossa Book Printing will not be alteration your file and your book can only be printed at the exact size that your word document is provided in.


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The problem with automatic quoting systems is that they force your book into the format
they want. You're not a cookie, so why put your book through the cookie cutter process.


In addition to our book design prepress which prepares your file for the printing process, we’ll also archive your working file and press-ready file for later use. 

We plan on designing your book so well that it sells out and you need to print more, and with that in mind, we’ll never delete your book design. You might ask why we would keep your working files, and the short answer is because you might want to change the second print run.


Get your free ISBN when you design and print your book at Barbossa Book Design. As if that didn’t make life easier enough, remember, we stand by our quotes as a static price, and so now you know what your print and ISBN will cost you before you start the design phase of your next book.




Commonly asked book printing questions

book ISBN


Because the ISBN is used as a basic identifier throughout the international book distribution system, any book that is intended to be sold through retail channels will need to have this identifier.

There is absolutely no need for books printed for private use, or for a closed distribution to have an ISBN.



Yes. While we would prefer to create a book job from beginning to end, we can consider any files you want to include. Before you start designing 101 jpg or photoshop files though, please know that not all files are usable, and if you think that creating all the files is going to lower your cost, it might not. Poorly supplied files create just as much work as creating a new book from scratch, so if you do want to provide your own files, please make sure they are 300DPI, CMYK and are the right size.

Books that are text driven mostly only require a word document, so as the writer, spend more time crafting your copy and making sure it’s free of errors and leave the design to us.



Having your book text edited before the design process starts makes the design process smoother and potentially less frustrating for you. While we don’t charge for text alterations, all alterations take time, and that means your book file will be delayed.


one off book printing

Yes. The printers on our panel will supply a print quote for 1 book. We are not the printers. We’re designing the print-ready book file for the printers. We’re happy to manage your printing need, but that is not our primary function and we do that as an add-value to our customers.


Self Publishing Book Printing

Becoming self-published is a long and difficult road, and there are a few paths on that road that will take you in different directions. The pathway you're presented with though, won't always be yours by choice, and can sometimes depend on the strength of your written content. For example. If JK Rowling had decided to not let any professional publishing house or book company come near her book, then I doubt she would have enjoyed the success that she has. We say that because in her case, the strength of her book is so strong that one could only imagine her needing an agent to represent her. This doesn't mean her book wouldn't have spread like wildlife without an agent, it just means she might not have been so positively rewarded for her work.

The other pathway is that you've tried to have people look at your book, and without success you're are running out of options. That pathway is backing yourself in all things financial and marketing. If you've tried to contact the big book-stores to get your book on their shelf and you've failed, then it goes without saying that the media giants and publishers haven't been bashing their way to your door. Your best option then might be to gift your book to the managers and owners of your local independent bookstore.

There are other ways, but we try to keep these responses short. The simple truth is, if your book is good enough to sell, then keep pushing and find another avenue until it's sold



Yes, but designing a children's book is not like designing a novel. Winnie the Pooh, for example, has creative hand-drawn images that are straight from the author's imagination. If you are interested in designing a children's book, then we encourage you to first give us a call.



Yes. We can design just the book cover if that is all you need. First, we will discuss your book and how you would like the book cover to be designed. Then we will look at the inside text pages in order to keep your book cover design consistent. If you haven't yet arranged your text pages to be designed, we can design those too based on a discussion.



Content & Layout Tips

Type Style

Sans serif or serif fonts? There are two primary styles of type font: san serif and serif. Serifs are the tiny tails on the text, and sans-serif literally means without serif. While most books use a 10 or 11 point serif font for the body text and then a bold sans-serif font for chapter titles and headlines, this is just a matter of book printing history and style. If your book is going to be read on screen then it should not be type-set in all serif, because many screens do not have the resolution to show the finer details in the serifs, and your book's message will be lost to the frustration of un-easy reading. Another factor to consider when type-setting your book is the demographic and socio-economical factor of your intended reader. The audience might be too senior to read point 10 or 11 on paper and might not have access to screen-based media.



PDF (Portable Document Format)

A PDF ensures that your printed or viewed file retains the formatting that you intended. Please ensure that your PDF preference is set for press quality. This will ensure that fonts and images are embedded and that no loss of data occurs during the printing process.

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Indesign is the industry standard software for designing book files and is capable of out-putting the above PDF files, exactly as we'll need it, with a few clicks. Please just call us to ask how.

Microsoft Word PDF for Book Printing

As we're sure you already know, Microsoft Word is part of the Office Suite, and as such is intended for office administration use; not book printing. That being said, if you provide us with a 2007 or later version of word PDF we'll be able to put that into a book format for you.


Book Bleed & Trim Settings

Bleed & Trim Margins

Bleed for your cover is also essential. For all images which go to the edge of the finished cover size, 3mm external bleed is required. To ensure that important content is not guillotined off, please also allow for an internal bleed margin of 3mm.



If you're looking for the best printer for printing books, then look no further than Barbossa Books Design & Print. Here at Barbossa Books, we know the best book printer for every book print job, because it's our business to know who the best printer is. Between art-file and book printing, we guarantee you'll get the best book price every time.