Book Printing Sydney

Book Printing Sydney

Here at Barbossa Book Printing we exclusively design and typeset print-ready book design files for Australia self publishers, authors and editors. 
While our nearest competion has a mission statement that benefits their members, book designers, we’re here to help Australia writers provide better print-ready art files to Australian printers and improve the Australian book market. 

In addition to designing and typesetting your book print file, here at the Barbossa Book Design & Print we can also help arrange an editor, organise your ISBN and manage your book printing for you, all at no extra cost.

We'll be there for you

We know it sounds amazing, but the first thing we’ll do in quoting any book design & print is discuss with you what type of book you’re wanting. We’ll discuss the concept of the book, if you have any ideas for the cover, has the text been professionally edited and etc. We’ll ask these questions because only through getting to know your needs can we accurately estimate your book design and print. In saying that, we’re the only book designer company is Australia that will quote a design price and stand by it. Other companies charge the set fee quoted and then change an hourly rate afterward, or charge the set fee quoted and then charge per alteration. Here at Barbossa Book Design & Print, we have that much faith in our ability to accurately quote your book design that the price we give you at the point of quote will be the price listed on the invoice. We’re proud to say that in addition to our outstanding design work, our clients tell us that they chose to use Barbossa Book Design & Print because we stand by our quoted price.



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The problem with automatic quoting systems is that they force your book into the format
they want. You're not a cookie, so why put your book through the cookie cutter process.


In addition to our book design prepress which prepares your file for the printing process, we’ll also archive your working file and press-ready file for later use. 

We plan on designing your book so well that it sells out and you need to print more, and with that in mind, we’ll never delete your book design. You might ask why we would keep your working files, and the short answer is because you might want to change the second print run.


Get your free ISBN when you design and print your book at Barbossa Book Design. As if that didn’t make life easier enough, remember, we stand by our quotes as a static price, and so now you know what your print and ISBN will cost you before you start the design phase of your next book.



Commonly asked book print related questions

book ISBN


Because the ISBN is used as a basic identifier throughout the international book distribution system, any book that is intended to be sold through retail channels will need to have this identifier.

There is absolutely no need for books printed for private use, or for a closed distribution to have an ISBN.