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Welcome to Barbossa Book Printing

We do a couple of things you might be interested in. Here you can...

Because While it's not about the book, it's about the journey,

The book is the vessel to get you there, and we know how important that is to you


Why choose Barbossa Book Printing in Sydney for your book printing needs?

The main reasons to choose Barbossa for your Sydney book printing is our professional type-setting, book quoting & book printing experience. We’ve become so adept at book type-setting and book printing, that when you request a book print quote, we'll take the time to ask you about your type-setting, book and printing need, and if you want to have your book professionally type-set with Barbossa Book Printing, we can estimate that so accuracy that we’ll not charge you for any type-setting or design file alterations. That is just one of the advantages of printing with Australia's best book printer, accurate fixed price quoting means no hidden or sneaky charges.

Barbossa is the any-quantity, professional quantity book printing specialist. We produce softcover books, perfect bound books and PUR bound books at better prices than any other book printer in Australia.



Why our customers print with us

Although Barbossa Book Printing aims to win work on our quality, service and price, our customers say they use us because…

1. We’re 100% Australian owned and operated and they want the work to go to their local areas.
2. It’s easy to get a book printing quote with us and our quotes are easy to understand.
3. We can arrange to have free paper sample swatches sent to your door for your book consideration.
4. and very importantly, we can digitally print with inkjet, dry toner and HP Indigo and offset print in CMYK full colour, which means we have the right technology to print the best quality in low and high volumes at the best possible prices.


Quality Book Printing

While it is your book's content that matters, the success of your book will somewhat be dependant on the quality of its design and print. Books are designed to focus your attention on the content, the book messages, and that can sometimes mean not noticing the book at all and being lost in the words. The value of the books design and the quality of its print can completely subtract from the contents value. Professionally book design and quality book printing is very important to a books content, readability and saleability. While Barbossa Book Printing is very cost effective, we would encourage you to make your decision based on more than just price. Ask us to show you some design examples today.





We asked customers what was important to them, and they told us that the idea of paying for additional design changes was a genuine concern and a reason to not use a professionally type-setter. We have based our 'No Additional Charges' policy based on what customers want. Customers want to know what they are going to be charged upfront and we thought that was a reasonable request. So how can we do that? Before we even quote a customers book design, we ask to see the manuscript. With a manuscript, we can accurately estimate a book page count and that will tell us how many book pages we are quoting to design. You might ask "What about any text alterations?" To say thank you for printing with Barbossa, we will do those alterations for free.

So what does book printing cost?

Here at Barbossa Book Printing, we think it would be unfair to force your book printing into one of the cookie cutter formats that all online books printers use. Instead, we manually quote each and every enquiry giving each customer's book the full attention they deserve.



Telling your family story through a family history, heirloom book is a special thing, and not just special for you, but special after you. Family history books and life heirloom books are mostly written by the first person or a family member, to preserve the memory of a life. They are most often short run, softcover books, and distributed amongst the family. What would be more special than full colour, illustrated and photo book telling the whole story of a man's life to his kids after he's gone? A book speaking to someone's unborn or un-grown children telling them the words that they wish they could tell them in person. If you or a family member have a story that you're thinking about preserving in the pages of a book, then please give us a call. We would like the opportunity to be involved and talk you through how it can happen.







Write drunk; edit sober.



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