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Barbossa Book Printing

We do a couple of things you might be interested in

It's not about the book, it's about the journey

The book is just the vessle to get you there


Why choose Barbossa Book Printing in Sydney?

The main reasons to choose Barboosa for your Book Printing job in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne is our professional type-setting & book printing experience. We’ve become so adept at book type-setting and book printing, that when you request a book print quote, we take the time to ask you about your type-setting and printing need, and if you request a type-set book, we can estimate that job so accuracy that we’ll not charge you for any type-setting alterations.

Barbossa Book Printing is the specialist at producing professional standard softcover books (perfect bound books and PUR bound book) at an affordable price. Whether you require one book, ten books or ten thousand, Barbossa Book Printing can create a book that showcases the quality of your work, by-passes all expectations and can do it for lesser a price than the competition. We have a number of paper stocks to choose from, including both white and cream, is several GSMs (paper weights), ensuring you get the print results at the best possible price.


Why our customers print with us

Although Barboosa Book Printing aims to win work on our quality, price and service, our customers say they use us because…

1. We’re 100% Australian owned and operated and they want the work to go to their local area.
2. It’s easy to get a book printing quote with us and our quotes are easy too understand.
3. We can arrange to have free paper sample swatches sent to your door for your book paper consideration.
4. We can digitally print with inkjet, dry toner and HP Indigo and also offer offset printing book services, which means if you just want a black and white book, or if you want 10,000 full colour books, we have the appropriate printing facilities to achieve the best book printing price.

Quality Book Printing

While it is your content that matters, the success of the book will somewhat be dependant on the quality of it’s design and quality of print. Books need to be designed so that they are easily to read; they must be easy on the eye and the book cover is the call to action. The paper colour, paper weight (gsm), book size and outside coating are all subject to discussion because the wrong choice of any of the above, in poor combination, can detract from your desired effect and book saleable.








What does book printing cost?

While we can do both softcover book printing and case bound book printing, when it comes to self publishing your own black and white text books, softcover book printing (i.e perfect bound books, burst bound book and PUR bound book) is generally more affordable. If you’re interested in cheap, short run book printing, digital book printing for your softcover books will produce the best book printing at the best price.


We asked customers before we design their books, why they chose Barbossa. Their response is price driven. It’s because we don’t charge per the hour or for additional alterations. We estimate the job at the beginning, and we stand by that price. 

While other designers might start with low cost and then charge a premium rate per hour over that, the price we quote is the price you’ll pay.

How can we afford to do that? We want to know how they can’t. We do enough volume in work that we always have a team of designers working from 9 to 5, and because our team are always at their computers, text edits don’t take but a few minutes anyway.





Write drunk; edit sober.



Barbossa Book Printing

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